Take the Design of Your Custom Challenge Coins to the Next Level

custom challenge coinsDesigning custom challenge coins is not the easiest task to do. There are numerous things you need to consider including shape, size, color, edging, thickness, uniqueness, and overall artistic details. To be a coin designer does not require you to go to a certain school, but you somehow need an eye for art. If you are tasked to design your organization’s challenge coin, this article is for you.


The first thing to do for your design is to come up with a theme – something that represents your challenge coin. Once you have a theme, you could create the coin around this. Color is an important feature, so you have to pick the appropriate metal to match the colors and theme. You could try out various combinations until you find something that you like. Keep in mind that you need prior approval to use some themes such as artwork and licensed logos.


Another aspect of your design is whether the coin is round or an odd-shaped one. Custom challenge coins with odd shapes are likely to be more valuable and most sought by collectors. It is important that the details of your theme match the shape of the coin. If not, then the coin will be awkward. Instead of using the same shape that everyone uses, try to use a different one.


The edge of the coin can be plain or flat diamond cut, which is like a scalloped edge. Other edging options include money edge, jagged ridge, twisted diamond cut, and double twisted diamond cut. All edging techniques add style to the custom challenge coins, but it is not applicable for every coin.


In some cases, the 3D option is used to make the images on the coin lift from the surface, making it almost a sculpture. 3D technique is a little more expensive, but the outcome is all worth it. It often transforms a coin from being ordinary into something that’s truly valuable. You will be pleased with 3D, so make sure you have this available in your options. For instance, if you are making an eagle, 2D can make it seem like a pencil sketch with a little detail. If you use 3D, you could get the details in the shading, feather, etc. and you could feel every detail.


Finally, remember that uniqueness and artistic detail go hand in hand. Make sure that your custom challenge coins are not just valued, but also admired. You will not feel good if you endure all the challenges in designing and not reap rewards. You need to cover proper dimensions, theme matching, shape matching, and color matching.

If you handle these aspects correctly, you’ll surely manage to come up with excellent aesthetics. Also, do keep in mind that every design has some sort of a trademark. For example, you can improve the design of your challenge coin by making it spin or move in any way. You could also put a secret code or anything unusual that you will not see in other coins.

Considering all these, the most important thing is still being patient during the design process. Sometimes, you will not get the design you really want for your custom challenge coins on your first try, or you might even need to start from scratch.

You will come up with a design when your imagination is at its peak. Do not make the mistake of seeing the outcome of an awful, rushed design process only after the coins have been minted. Most importantly, make sure you ask for the opinion of others regarding your design.

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