Custom Tshirts: What Makes Them So Popular?

The number one reason why custom shirts have remained popular to this day is simple: they’re usually cheaper, and you buy as many shirts as you want, with the designs that you truly want to wear.

Custom shirts have become more than just a way to replace worn shirts. Ordering a custom shirt usually means a person has a statement, and he/she wants the whole world to know by wearing a garment with a unique design. There is always a new angle, a new message, that has to be put out there, and wearing a custom shirt in public is one of the ways that you can communicate to people what you’re all about.

custom-designThe second reason is custom shirts allow people to wear designs that otherwise would not have been possible. Brands are quite picky with the designs that they put out in a market, and you’re lucky to find more than a dozen designs available for the size and color that you prefer.

The reason for this is that shirt companies can only churn out so many shirts at a time, and too much supply can affect market prices. So by limiting availability of shirts, they’re able to earn a better profit.

In the custom shirts market however, the opposite is true. Because custom shirt makers don’t have any specific branding to adhere to and welcome anyone with an idea for a custom shirt, any kind of design is welcome.

You are not really paying for images or branding, you are paying for  a company’s services. Custom shirt printing is a service. These businesses are not reliant on specific branding and have no such limits. You can select and print as many designs as you want from whichever sources, and you’re going to be able to get those shirts however many times you want, too.

Custom shirts are also an awesome way to clothe kids.

Clothes for kids can be notoriously expensive, right? They charge a premium for children’s clothing, because they know that parents are willing to spend an arm and a leg on anything for their little ones.

But what if you are a more practical parent, who knows that you are being overcharged when you pay shirts from specific brands who are only there to squeeze the market? You turn to custom shirts and get as many shirts as you want.

The great thing about custom shirts is you can have as many themed sets as you want and you’re getting the same quality as the shirts being sold at a more expensive price.

The retail mark-up for a piece of shirt doesn’t really seal the deal when it comes to quality. For the most part, it’s just a mark-up, and if the brand turns out to be popular, you are probably paying a premium for just wanting to have an item from a popular brand.

The next reason why custom t-shirts are so popular is that they’re so flexible. You can literally design shirts for any kind of occasion, and the turnaround time for the customs shirts you’ve ordered online will only take a few days.

If you want to clothe 200 people with the same club shirt with that one awesome design, you can place an order online and not have to deal with the headache of driving to different printing shops to get a quote. You can do all those things from the comfort of home.

ShitsThe same goes if you are in charge of outfitting a team, for example, there is an option to buy fabrics that are better for sports or exercise. As for the design, there will always be resources waiting for you at the custom tshirt website that you chose, but Google isn’t a bad place to get inspiration, either.

And if you happen to have a great design already that has been professionally done for you, you can still get your custom shirts done in a jiffy.

All you need is a clear, high quality image and you will simply upload that image to the custom tshirt website, using the editing software they have. In a few seconds, your professionally done design will appear on the website, ready to matched or paired with the shirts of the appropriate sizes.

How do you make a good design?

If you have no idea how to make a good shirt design, we’ve prepared a few simple tricks to get you started:
  1. Determine the message that you want to convey using the shirt design.
  2. After determining the message, think of one or more images that look good together and at the same time, help convey your message.
  3. Determine if you need one or two lines of text to go with your design.
  4. Combine the images and text and settle on the best orientation.

The best shirt designs, especially when you are just starting out, don’t come out automatically on the first try. If you want your shirt to look great, you need to give yourself the benefit of relaxing between attempts, so you can work on the design until it shines.

Trying different images, even the wacky or unconventional ones, can also help bring out your creativity. If your first approach is not working, then the best thing to do is think of another way to express what you want to say, but using different elements. You might be surprised as to how the overall projection of a design changes when you add or delete certain elements.

And lastly, don’t forget that color plays a crucial role in determining the finishing expression of a design. Experiment with color but don’t overdo it in the beginning. Experiment with one color in the beginning and slowly add colors until you get the most perfect balance of lines and colors possible for the existing design. A little knowledge about Photoshop would be good if you want to create the design yourself, as Photoshop helps meld images and text quickly.


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