Taylormade Golf Club Drivers: The Best Golf Club Drivers

Taylormade golf club drivers remain on top of the best golf club drivers list in the world. Ask any golfer and they will surely tell you this, whether they are a professional golfer or not.

What made Taylormade the best golf club driver?

Taylormade has always been known for their golf clubs. Ever since they released their golf club drivers, golfers can’t deny that these are the best thing Taylormade has provided them with. Each model released has helped enhanced their swing and play. It also offers a wide selection of club drivers that fits both professional golfers and recreational ones. For those who have known and used the brand, this comes as no surprise.

Taylormade’s History

When it comes to golf, Taylormade is undeniably the authority in golfing excellence. Since it was founded in 1979 by Gary Adams in McHenry, Illinois, each product the brand released in the market received good reviews. What made them became a hit with golfers was their innovative selections.

Golf clubGolf clubs were the first product Taylormade produced. Since then, it has provided golfers a wide selection of clubs to choose from and use. With the technology used and the consideration designers have for golfers, it continues to remain on the top of golf driver reviews. It even reached a world-wide market scope when it was sold to Salomon in 1984.

Today, Taylormade is owned by Addidas after the company bought Salomon in 1997. It was shortly after this event that the brand redirected its focus in releasing their golf drivers. This was achieved in 2005 and has since been known as the best golf drivers.

Behind Taylormade Golf Drivers’ Reputation

Taylormade has always been known for their innovation. Aside from this, there are other factors that made this brand trusted by many golfers worldwide.

The variety Taylormade offers is one of the factors that made it famous. The wide selection of its golf drivers allowed both pros and newbies in the golf sport to select one that is right for them.

One of the famous Taylormade golf drivers is the R11. It allows golfers to adjust the clubs according to their need in three steps. This lets the clubs independently determine loft, face angle, and flight path. In other words, it’s totally customizable according to the golfer’s swing.

The Burner Superfast 2.0 is another line of golf club driver models Taylormade is known for. It is suited for handicaps with its large face. The aerodynamics of this line-up provides greater speed for the club.

The R9 models from Taylormade are known for their Flight Control Technology (FCT). These are highly customizable as well. Golfers can adjust the heads and weights to alter the ball’s trajectory. It also features the Inverted Cone Technology which increases the ball’s speed and distance.

Anyone who has tried Taylormade’s drivers experienced enhanced performance. They are able to swing the club faster and made the distance the ball traveled longer.

Taylormade for All Levels of Golfers

Taylormade has been known as the golf world’s technological leaders that the PGA Tour professionals trust them. These pros earn their living by playing golf. They won’t risk their performance on any golf club driver. They would always have the best. Taylormade has provided them with the club and club drivers they need to help enhance their game. With the brand’s wide selection of models, especially the technology used on every design, even recreational golfers can enjoy it too.

Each Taylormade golf club driver model carries different characteristics to fit every golfer. So, whether it’s the R11 or R9 club driver models, or maybe the Burner models, golfers will experience an improved performance.

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