MajorPawn’s Tips on Getting the Best Deals at a Pawn Store

There are a lot of pawn shops out there that are willing to appraise your valuables and give you a price depending on what they think your item is worth. With so many pawn shops to choose from, it can be difficult for many people to know whether they are making a good deal with a pawn shop or not.

PawnSome pawn shop retailers consider the story behind the item you are loaning to them. There are also some that consider whether you are selling or buying.  Some even take a good look at you first to see if you are actually capable of repaying. These things are actually important considerations that retailers include in determining the value of your items.

We at MajorPawn believe that you should know everything that has to do with getting a loan at a pawn shop before you actually enter a deal with one.

MajorPawn has compiled these tips on how you can get the best deals out of your loans the next time you visit a pawn shop:

•    Having a good story to back up your item also works wonders. If you are going to pawn an item, take note that the shops actually give more money for items that have a back story to them. For instance, items that are considered as family heirlooms are considered as being much more valuable than jewelry that does not have any sort of significance to the owner.

Those who appraise your item and decide on how much to give you in exchange for your item consider your story in coming up with the final valuation.  They might also be more lenient and accommodating if they see that you are “hesitantly” pawning your item because you are in dire need of money.  If you are a regular customer, the shop would be more willing to extend a higher loan value to you, sometimes even as much as 100% of the item’s value.  This is especially true when you have proven yourself as a one who is capable of meeting the payment deadlines.

  •  Look around and find the best deal. It would not help your situation if you just stuck to the first pawn shop you see. You will never know what a great deal looks like if you have never looked around.  It would pay to search online and try to find the best deals you can get for your valuables. For jewelry, get them appraised professionally. For paintings, get the opinion of art dealers and take note of their estimates. If you have a historical item you wish to pawn, you would want to get a certification to back it up.  These documents would actually increase the value of your items.


  •  Offer items that are still in good shape. No pawn shop would want to talk to you if what you have to offer is impossible to sell in the market. If the item you are going to sell is in bad shape, chances are that either you will get low offers from pawn shops (even if you decide to sell), or you will get nothing at all.


  •  To sell or to loan? You will obviously get more money if you sell your items rather than pawning them. However, pawn shops would usually recommend to their clients that they pawn instead of sell their items.  This would mean that you will be more likely to come back to do more business with them.

Many pawn shop owners would give ten to twenty percent more to people who sell because with sold items, they do not need to keep the items for as long as pawned items. What happens with sold items is that they are sold after thirty days, giving the police enough time to verify whether the items they received are stolen goods.
Items that have been held as loan collaterals are usually kept for approximately sixty days, with about eighty percent of people reclaiming their items before the deadline. We at MajorPawn recommend that you think over whether you want to sell the item for more money, or have it loaned instead.

  •  Understand the terms of pawning. The terms of pawning can vary depending on which state you are currently at. However, since the interest from the loan is paid on a monthly basis, you would want to always make sure that you pay the interest in a timely manner. What would happen is it would pile up and you will have a more difficult time paying the money you owe. We at recommend that you talk to your pawn shop dealers about their terms in order for you to understand the payment options that they have.


The next time you go to a pawn shop to get a deal, make the most out of it by considering the tips given here. Not only will you be getting more money from your experience, but you will also learn valuable skills in finding the best deals and negotiating before you finalize any deal.

“We at MajorPawn believe that you should know everything that has to do with getting a loan at a pawn shop before you actually enter a deal with one. MajorPawn recommend that you talk to your pawn shop dealers about their terms in order for you to understand the payment options that they have. Visit our MajorPawn shop today!”

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Pawning is a good option to take when one does not want to totally lose their jewelry by selling. Still, there is another choice to make when choosing which pawnshop to entrust one’s valued jewelry. There are many pawning establishments in New York, but offers one of the best services around the area. It gives clients the options on whether to sell or pawn their items, at the highest price possible. The cash is then readily given once the written agreements are signed.

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