What makes custom patches great?

You’ve seen them on caps, uniforms, shirts, and probably even on bags. Odds are you know someone who even collects them. So what makes custom patches so great?

Custom patches are those little pieces of fabric with an embroidered design on the front and an attachment on the back. They come in different sizes—from two inches to seven inches in size, usually. While the first patches were shield-shaped and contained the coats of arms of whatever organization they represented, they now come in whatever shape or design the maker wants. While usually seen on the breast pockets of uniforms, custom patches can be sewn or stuck onto pretty much anything. They don’t even need to be sewn on permanently. Different kinds of backing, such as double-sided tape and Velcro, let people wear these patches pretty much the same way button pins are worn.

So what makes these patches popular? What makes them different from bumper stickers, lanyards, button pins, and other forms of identification and ways to promote awareness?

First of all, they look great. Even if custom patches are embroidered using machines, the fact that the design is sewn on makes the patch look handmade as opposed to the printed designs on button pins or stickers.

custom patchesSecond, as mentioned earlier, they are a form of identification with an organization. They can also be used to promote an advocacy. Any organization or company could use patches—they are not limited to people in law enforcement or the military. Even individuals can use them to share their love for a cause or a celebrity idol.

Another thing that makes these patches cool is that they are safer compared to button pins or brooches. They are usually larger than button pins and their attachments are not as dangerous (i.e. Kids won’t lose them, choke on them, or get pricked by them.).

Speaking of kids, when it comes to these patches, even kids can appreciate them. Kids can use them, collect them, or design them for their classmates and friends. Patches can be used as cute giveaways during birthday parties.

Kids can do pretty much what they want for their own custom patches, as long as the design will translate well into embroidered patches.

If you are a parent or a teacher who wants to make patches for kids but not necessarily have the kids involved in the process, you can try drawing a design or ask someone else to design the patches for you. Some patch-making websites offer free designing and artwork services when you order. You can introduce your kids to the hobby of patch collecting, use them as an alternative to medals, or give them to kids as presents.

Another thing that makes patches cool is that they are affordable. You can get patches for free, trade them, or make your own patches for really low prices. Various websites let you order patches. All you need to do is choose the size of the patch, the type of patch attachment and how much embroidery you want your patch to have.

You can choose to upload your own design to the website—be it a scanned drawing or a piece of digital art. If you are not the artistic type or are too busy to do the designing yourself, some websites offer to design the patch free of charge. Also, if you aren’t happy with the design done by the in-house artists, some websites let you get it revised without any additional fees. Different websites have different shipping policies, but all in all, having patches made is quick, easy and affordable.