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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Is Simon Cowell Trying to Recruit Shania Twain as New X Factor Judge?

The X Factor

The rumors are already flying and various gossip websites are saying that Simon Cowell is panicking over “The X Factor” and is considering Shania Twain as a possible replacement for next season.

Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian are also sited as possibilities.

As of right now L.A. Reid is the only judge who has announced he will be leaving the judges table. Neither Britney Spears nor Demi Lovato has made any decisions about Season 3, despite speculation. With the names being shopped around that would make an all female judging panel sitting next to Simon next season and is highly doubtful.

Gossip Cop is reporting that a spokesperson for “The X Factor” has told them that the stories are completely made up.

Do you think “The X Factor” is in need of a country music artist at their judging table? Who would you like to see?

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