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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Toby Keith Says “Hell No” to the CMAs

For the first time in seven years, Toby Keith has been nominated for a CMA Award; however, he has no plans to attend the ceremony that has given him the shaft for so long. According to Country Weekly, Toby doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him not attending.

“I know everybody is going to say it’s sour grapes, but I don’t care–it’s not…They screwed me ’till I finally saw the light.”

Toby doesn’t necessarily have plans on November 1st, but he’s certain he’ll find something worth while to do with his time, that doesn’t include tuning into ABC to see his peers and fellow industry folks celebrate his genre’s success…Success that he’s always been a part of, just not honored for since 2005 for “As Good As I Once Was.”

Hell no, I ain’t showing up. I gotta go get a root canal that day, or something fun,” the star told Country Weekly.

However, the song the Country Music Association just couldn’t turn their noses up at, “Red Solo Cup,” proves to Toby that the award isn’t for his love of country music.

Isn’t that crazy?” he says. “But, you know, it’s the only song I ever had cross over and play on the pop stations. Ever. All of my peers that are hard ticket sellers, successful people, at the top of the game we play every day, about every one of them has had a certain amount of crossover play: Taylor, Tim, Keith, Flatts, Faith. I was always the one guy in that generation that didn’t. [Pop stations] were always like, ‘He is so country, we’re not going to play him.’ And I always took pride in that.”

You can see Toby Keith NOT show up for the Country Music Awards tomorrow night on ABC.

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