Custom Tshirts: What Makes Them So Popular?

The number one reason why custom shirts have remained popular to this day is simple: they’re usually cheaper, and you buy as many shirts as you want, with the designs that you truly want to wear.

Custom shirts have become more than just a way to replace worn shirts. Ordering a custom shirt usually means a person has a statement, and he/she wants the whole world to know by wearing a garment with a unique design. There is always a new angle, a new message, that has to be put out there, and wearing a custom shirt in public is one of the ways that you can communicate to people what you’re all about.

custom-designThe second reason is custom shirts allow people to wear designs that otherwise would not have been possible. Brands are quite picky with the designs that they put out in a market, and you’re lucky to find more than a dozen designs available for the size and color that you prefer.

The reason for this is that shirt companies can only churn out so many shirts at a time, and too much supply can affect market prices. So by limiting availability of shirts, they’re able to earn a better profit.

In the custom shirts market however, the opposite is true. Because custom shirt makers don’t have any specific branding to adhere to and welcome anyone with an idea for a custom shirt, any kind of design is welcome.

You are not really paying for images or branding, you are paying for  a company’s services. Custom shirt printing is a service. These businesses are not reliant on specific branding and have no such limits. You can select and print as many designs as you want from whichever sources, and you’re going to be able to get those shirts however many times you want, too.

Custom shirts are also an awesome way to clothe kids.

Clothes for kids can be notoriously expensive, right? They charge a premium for children’s clothing, because they know that parents are willing to spend an arm and a leg on anything for their little ones.

But what if you are a more practical parent, who knows that you are being overcharged when you pay shirts from specific brands who are only there to squeeze the market? You turn to custom shirts and get as many shirts as you want.

The great thing about custom shirts is you can have as many themed sets as you want and you’re getting the same quality as the shirts being sold at a more expensive price.

The retail mark-up for a piece of shirt doesn’t really seal the deal when it comes to quality. For the most part, it’s just a mark-up, and if the brand turns out to be popular, you are probably paying a premium for just wanting to have an item from a popular brand.

The next reason why custom t-shirts are so popular is that they’re so flexible. You can literally design shirts for any kind of occasion, and the turnaround time for the customs shirts you’ve ordered online will only take a few days.

If you want to clothe 200 people with the same club shirt with that one awesome design, you can place an order online and not have to deal with the headache of driving to different printing shops to get a quote. You can do all those things from the comfort of home.

ShitsThe same goes if you are in charge of outfitting a team, for example, there is an option to buy fabrics that are better for sports or exercise. As for the design, there will always be resources waiting for you at the custom tshirt website that you chose, but Google isn’t a bad place to get inspiration, either.

And if you happen to have a great design already that has been professionally done for you, you can still get your custom shirts done in a jiffy.

All you need is a clear, high quality image and you will simply upload that image to the custom tshirt website, using the editing software they have. In a few seconds, your professionally done design will appear on the website, ready to matched or paired with the shirts of the appropriate sizes.

How do you make a good design?

If you have no idea how to make a good shirt design, we’ve prepared a few simple tricks to get you started:
  1. Determine the message that you want to convey using the shirt design.
  2. After determining the message, think of one or more images that look good together and at the same time, help convey your message.
  3. Determine if you need one or two lines of text to go with your design.
  4. Combine the images and text and settle on the best orientation.

The best shirt designs, especially when you are just starting out, don’t come out automatically on the first try. If you want your shirt to look great, you need to give yourself the benefit of relaxing between attempts, so you can work on the design until it shines.

Trying different images, even the wacky or unconventional ones, can also help bring out your creativity. If your first approach is not working, then the best thing to do is think of another way to express what you want to say, but using different elements. You might be surprised as to how the overall projection of a design changes when you add or delete certain elements.

And lastly, don’t forget that color plays a crucial role in determining the finishing expression of a design. Experiment with color but don’t overdo it in the beginning. Experiment with one color in the beginning and slowly add colors until you get the most perfect balance of lines and colors possible for the existing design. A little knowledge about Photoshop would be good if you want to create the design yourself, as Photoshop helps meld images and text quickly.


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MajorPawn’s Tips on Getting the Best Deals at a Pawn Store

There are a lot of pawn shops out there that are willing to appraise your valuables and give you a price depending on what they think your item is worth. With so many pawn shops to choose from, it can be difficult for many people to know whether they are making a good deal with a pawn shop or not.

PawnSome pawn shop retailers consider the story behind the item you are loaning to them. There are also some that consider whether you are selling or buying.  Some even take a good look at you first to see if you are actually capable of repaying. These things are actually important considerations that retailers include in determining the value of your items.

We at MajorPawn believe that you should know everything that has to do with getting a loan at a pawn shop before you actually enter a deal with one.

MajorPawn has compiled these tips on how you can get the best deals out of your loans the next time you visit a pawn shop:

•    Having a good story to back up your item also works wonders. If you are going to pawn an item, take note that the shops actually give more money for items that have a back story to them. For instance, items that are considered as family heirlooms are considered as being much more valuable than jewelry that does not have any sort of significance to the owner.

Those who appraise your item and decide on how much to give you in exchange for your item consider your story in coming up with the final valuation.  They might also be more lenient and accommodating if they see that you are “hesitantly” pawning your item because you are in dire need of money.  If you are a regular customer, the shop would be more willing to extend a higher loan value to you, sometimes even as much as 100% of the item’s value.  This is especially true when you have proven yourself as a one who is capable of meeting the payment deadlines.

  •  Look around and find the best deal. It would not help your situation if you just stuck to the first pawn shop you see. You will never know what a great deal looks like if you have never looked around.  It would pay to search online and try to find the best deals you can get for your valuables. For jewelry, get them appraised professionally. For paintings, get the opinion of art dealers and take note of their estimates. If you have a historical item you wish to pawn, you would want to get a certification to back it up.  These documents would actually increase the value of your items.


  •  Offer items that are still in good shape. No pawn shop would want to talk to you if what you have to offer is impossible to sell in the market. If the item you are going to sell is in bad shape, chances are that either you will get low offers from pawn shops (even if you decide to sell), or you will get nothing at all.


  •  To sell or to loan? You will obviously get more money if you sell your items rather than pawning them. However, pawn shops would usually recommend to their clients that they pawn instead of sell their items.  This would mean that you will be more likely to come back to do more business with them.

Many pawn shop owners would give ten to twenty percent more to people who sell because with sold items, they do not need to keep the items for as long as pawned items. What happens with sold items is that they are sold after thirty days, giving the police enough time to verify whether the items they received are stolen goods.
Items that have been held as loan collaterals are usually kept for approximately sixty days, with about eighty percent of people reclaiming their items before the deadline. We at MajorPawn recommend that you think over whether you want to sell the item for more money, or have it loaned instead.

  •  Understand the terms of pawning. The terms of pawning can vary depending on which state you are currently at. However, since the interest from the loan is paid on a monthly basis, you would want to always make sure that you pay the interest in a timely manner. What would happen is it would pile up and you will have a more difficult time paying the money you owe. We at recommend that you talk to your pawn shop dealers about their terms in order for you to understand the payment options that they have.


The next time you go to a pawn shop to get a deal, make the most out of it by considering the tips given here. Not only will you be getting more money from your experience, but you will also learn valuable skills in finding the best deals and negotiating before you finalize any deal.

“We at MajorPawn believe that you should know everything that has to do with getting a loan at a pawn shop before you actually enter a deal with one. MajorPawn recommend that you talk to your pawn shop dealers about their terms in order for you to understand the payment options that they have. Visit our MajorPawn shop today!”

Tips in Choosing the Best SEO Company

In today’s market, having a high rank on the Search Engine Results Page or SERP is already a must in order to be on the leading edge and of course, gaining more profit. This is because regardless of the reputable-seo-companyindustry you are in, there are already lots of competitors on the internet and undeniably, many among them are way ahead of your website’s ranking. The similar businesses that are on the on the first page of SERP are dragging most of the clients that you should have been gaining if only you also have that kind of online visibility.

This is the reason why you should look for a reputable SEO Company that can help you with this venture. The only problem now is that your competitors are not the only ones flooding the internet. There are also lots of SEO companies out there, and not all of them can be trusted with the ranking of your website and the reputation of your company.

Among the first things you should consider putting on your checklist are the link building strategy, copy-writing abilities and the keyword research and usage techniques that a SEO Company has. These three should be applied together in order to achieve the best results. The link building strategies should already be a given since an SEO company that does not have any cannot be of any good. They should be aware of the appropriate third-party websites on which they are supposed to promote yours through article writing.

Keep in mind that there are companies that promote the businesses of their clients on low quality websites which can cost them their reputation. If the company you are planning to opt for does not have SEO copy-writing specialists, you have to look further. You should opt for the SEO company that will not only settle on the contents that you already have. At SEOExplode, you can be certain that no black hat strategy will be applied to your website. They only use strategies that are inclined with the journalism ethics and the rules of Google.

seo-methodsKeywords are crucial when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. It can determine the level of success that your website can reach. There are certain steps that need to be taken in order to determine the appropriate keywords that must be targeted in order to increase the online visibility of your website. Research is one of the most important elements that can define the success of SEO efforts. Consultants at SEOExplode will discuss to you how we can improve the performance and the ranking of your website, how we plan to do this as well as the significance of each steps we take. If the right keywords are being targeted, then you can be certain about getting positive results each step of the way.

Last but definitely not the least, the experience of SEO companies is one of the things that must not be overlooked. It is important to opt for the one that is already trusted by many website and online business owners. See to it that they are able to work well with you on a long term project. As mentioned on the official website of SEOExplode, “Without a doubt there are many SEO companies on the web but we can guarantee that there are none like us. With 10 years of industry experience we have learned a lot through the years and are able to use that knowledge, our tools and experience to assist others in achieving higher rankings in search engines and other verticals. The easiest way to learn more is to contact us today for a free demo / consultation. One of our SEO experts will schedule a live demonstration and go over everything with you step by step from A-Z of how we operate, what we do, how we do it, pricing, project time line, monthly reports and everything else you should expect from us. Please fill out or contact form which is located to your right or call us today to schedule your free demonstration with an expert SEO services consultant.”

At SEOExplode, or any other reputable search optimization firm, you know that you’ll benefit from all these things and more. Surely, they’ll be glad to work with you.


Get Fast Cash at

Owning genuine jewelry has always been one of the best investments for a long time. The value of precious stones, gold and jewelry keep on increasing as they are non-renewable resources that can only be obtained through mining. Modern technology may have developed machines that can create elements resembling these precious stones and metals, but the scarcity of the real thing keeps them more valuable. We know this at, where jewelry is passion and given utmost value.

There are many instances where jewelry is very helpful in getting fast cash. It is most useful in times of emergency, unexpected circumstances that require money and in days when money just seems hard to come by. Having a valuable jewelry could save a life in terms of acquiring money to pay the hospital and get necessary treatment. It could also be used in financing important events that matter greatly in one’s life.

In New York, there is a place where cash can be acquired instantly in exchange of genuine jewelry. It’s, a pawnshop that takes the pawning business to a higher level.

Pawn-ShopIn, the pieces are appraised appropriately using the best appraisal standards. A piece that is appraised as genuine is then valued according to the amount of gold, silver or precious stone in it. The value is measured by weight and each precious metal or stone has a standard price per gram in the market. The rule is simple. The more amount of the real thing in a jewelry piece, the higher the amount will be paid for it at the pawnshop. Pawnshops differ on how much they recognize and follow the standard price in the market. Some offer much lower prices for valuable pieces, banking on their advantage because the client is in need of cash.

Pawning is a good option to take when one does not want to totally lose their jewelry by selling. Still, there is another choice to make when choosing which pawnshop to entrust one’s valued jewelry. There are many pawning establishments in New York, but offers one of the best services around the area. It gives clients the options on whether to sell or pawn their items, at the highest price possible. The cash is then readily given once the written agreements are signed.

Why should clients trust this specific establishment among all the others in the market? First, the employees in the business are professionals and experts on their respective fields. They do their jobs really well and declare the true monetary value of the pieces based on standard appraisal procedures. Also, customers at the pawnshop are guided accordingly all throughout the process. The conditions of the loan in exchange of their items are explained to them. The interest for every loan is 3% every month, at the span of four months. After that period of time, the pieces will be considered as the property of the pawnshop and can be sold to interested clients.

Every precious jewelry piece was acquired with hard work by the owner. We recognize this, thus the very considerate quality service that we offer. And we also make sure that clients will trust us every time they need to use their jewels as collateral to get a loan. Every transaction is done with the end in mind, which is to serve the client and make their experience pleasant. This is the secret to maintaining good business. Keeping the clients satisfied and gaining their trust is the right way of getting profit from the business. This situation is a win-win for both clients and business owner.

So in case you’re in New York and the need for fast cash arises, put on top of the list of the pawnshops to visit. Or if you want to buy used jewelry and other valuable items at reasonable prices, you can also visit the shop. This is the place where money is paid for the true value of the products. By the way, the shop also accepts watches for pawning especially the branded ones. This place is the place where to dispose jewelry for a good amount and to buy high quality second-hand pieces. It all comes down to value because that should be the basis for the price of anything valuable such as jewelry.

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Funeral Homes Knoxville, Tennessee: What comes after the funeral?

Coping with your loss is most difficult after the funeral. It is the time when people slowly start to leave you alone and the truth is you will feel alone. How you deal with grief depends on many things like personality, life experiences, convictions and faith, and many more. But it is only natural to seek emotional help with friends during these lonely times.

Funeral HomesYou need something or someone to hold onto in order to survive, but did you know that this kind of help can also be found in funeral homes? Knoxville, Tennessee has a number of funeral homes that are offering this kind of service and they usually call it the ‘Grief and Healing’.

The Grief and Healing section or the ‘Aftercare’ for some, provides different types of emotional assistance you can look into. It varies from newsletters and text messages to online counselling to actual counselling.

The newsletters and text messages are ways of the funeral homes to keep them on track of your journey to healing. They provide information or ways about grief and healing, inspirational quotes and life stories that may help you go through life even with a heavy heart. Your privacy is of course, guaranteed safe during the entire process.

The online counselling on the other hand, is more than just reading materials. Here, you can actually talk to someone experienced in helping people deal with grief. Some people deal with pain through seclusion just like staying in the house or in a room. If you do not want to go out or cannot go out, counselling will come to you. Funeral homes Knoxville, Tennessee has are equipped to help you deal with your loss.

Alternatively, an actual counselling is available in case your coping style changes and you now want to go out. These funeral homes, Knoxville, Tennessee are offering you provide lists and contact details of local and national support groups and counsellors that can facilitate your emotional needs. The funeral homes may refer you to support groups depending on your needs. Nevertheless, they assure you that these groups are affiliated with them and are hosted by experts in the area.

Moreover, funeral home websites offer write ups that can also help you deal with grief. These write ups are found in the Grief and Healing or Aftercare section of the websites. Most of the articles are self help that let you understand your grief and deal with it step by step. There are also articles for children; how to assist them or talk to them about the loss of a loved one. Adults and children have different coping capacities and styles. Reading write-ups about them is a great help for both parties.

FuneralPeople have different coping styles and capacities that is why there is a variety of coping mechanisms being executed by funeral homes. Knoxville, Tennessee is fortunate to have updated funeral home website that you could check upon. For the funeral homes, it is one way of boosting their business, but for the customers, it is one way of getting by through the day.

However, what comes after the funeral is still entirely up to you. Funeral homes maybe there to cater your needs but to reach out to ask for help is your choice. If you are independent enough to deal with these kinds of matter, reading materials could already be enough for you, but it is also good to seek counsel. Remember that you are not alone in this. The best way to endure the pain is to hold onto people you care and trust the most. Visit Gentry Griffey for more information.

Why Should You Consider The Movable Cubicle?

There are plenty of people who do not have access to ready storage. Most of the time, there is no other solution but to sell off some treasured belongings to make way for other essential assets. This is the problem that the movable cubicle aims to give an alternative solution to.For more detail information about movable cubicle visit this site The expense that comes with buying or renting a storage container easily outweighs the hardship that comes with a lack of space or the need to sell valuables off.

The convenience that these storage containers bring is the reason why they continue to attract new patrons and retain old ones.

movable cubicleThe home is one of the best places to have a portable storage container for. There are houses that have spare rooms and in the absence of a guest can be used for storage. Not all individuals are lucky enough to have such a home. In this case, they can rely on the movable cubicle. This offers an additional element of space that can be used to store valuables, old furniture, clothes, appliances, and the like with ease.

There are those who believe that storage containers do not provide the same amount of security than a personal space does. This is not the case. These containers are protected from the elements because of the hardened steel that is primarily used in making them. Apart from this, the specialized locking mechanisms ensure that no one but the owner gets access to the container and its contents.

When it comes to the movable cubicle, there are a number of pros as to why this storage solution should be taken into consideration.

The first one is safety. With all other things, safety matters tremendously. In the case of the storage container, this applies to the security of the container itself more so the items that it contains. Especially when valuables are stored outside of the home, this can cause a great amount of worrying and discomfort on the part of the owner. With the storage container, there are no fears and minimal risks. It works just like a spare room.The movable cubicle is also a flexible storage option.

There are two types of assets that are normally stored in these containers.:

The first one pertains to the essentials that may include clothes, appliances, and other usable items. The other category pertains to sentimental belongings that may even be broken but are kept for the memories that they represent. The flexibility of these containers allows people to store these items for a set duration of their choosing. They are also given the opportunity to dispose of any belongings when they see fit without any pressure of time.

Transportability is another excellent feature of the storage container. This can be stored in an external facility for the meantime and can be moved as the owner deems necessary. When it comes to the moving element, a trucking company can be of assistance here. By having the ability to move a container from location to location, it makes the entire process of moving easier not to mention faster. You can easily move a number of items in one go instead of having to make multiple trips to complete the same task.

Finally, the movable cubicle is an ideal option for extra storage because of its practical nature. It does not cost a lot to maintain a storage container. Apart from this, the user can choose to maintain it for a few days to a couple of years depending on the necessity of the situation. It also provides shelter for important belongings, protecting them from the wear and tear of the elements.

Taylormade Golf Club Drivers: The Best Golf Club Drivers

Taylormade golf club drivers remain on top of the best golf club drivers list in the world. Ask any golfer and they will surely tell you this, whether they are a professional golfer or not.

What made Taylormade the best golf club driver?

Taylormade has always been known for their golf clubs. Ever since they released their golf club drivers, golfers can’t deny that these are the best thing Taylormade has provided them with. Each model released has helped enhanced their swing and play. It also offers a wide selection of club drivers that fits both professional golfers and recreational ones. For those who have known and used the brand, this comes as no surprise.

Taylormade’s History

When it comes to golf, Taylormade is undeniably the authority in golfing excellence. Since it was founded in 1979 by Gary Adams in McHenry, Illinois, each product the brand released in the market received good reviews. What made them became a hit with golfers was their innovative selections.

Golf clubGolf clubs were the first product Taylormade produced. Since then, it has provided golfers a wide selection of clubs to choose from and use. With the technology used and the consideration designers have for golfers, it continues to remain on the top of golf driver reviews. It even reached a world-wide market scope when it was sold to Salomon in 1984.

Today, Taylormade is owned by Addidas after the company bought Salomon in 1997. It was shortly after this event that the brand redirected its focus in releasing their golf drivers. This was achieved in 2005 and has since been known as the best golf drivers.

Behind Taylormade Golf Drivers’ Reputation

Taylormade has always been known for their innovation. Aside from this, there are other factors that made this brand trusted by many golfers worldwide.

The variety Taylormade offers is one of the factors that made it famous. The wide selection of its golf drivers allowed both pros and newbies in the golf sport to select one that is right for them.

One of the famous Taylormade golf drivers is the R11. It allows golfers to adjust the clubs according to their need in three steps. This lets the clubs independently determine loft, face angle, and flight path. In other words, it’s totally customizable according to the golfer’s swing.

The Burner Superfast 2.0 is another line of golf club driver models Taylormade is known for. It is suited for handicaps with its large face. The aerodynamics of this line-up provides greater speed for the club.

The R9 models from Taylormade are known for their Flight Control Technology (FCT). These are highly customizable as well. Golfers can adjust the heads and weights to alter the ball’s trajectory. It also features the Inverted Cone Technology which increases the ball’s speed and distance.

Anyone who has tried Taylormade’s drivers experienced enhanced performance. They are able to swing the club faster and made the distance the ball traveled longer.

Taylormade for All Levels of Golfers

Taylormade has been known as the golf world’s technological leaders that the PGA Tour professionals trust them. These pros earn their living by playing golf. They won’t risk their performance on any golf club driver. They would always have the best. Taylormade has provided them with the club and club drivers they need to help enhance their game. With the brand’s wide selection of models, especially the technology used on every design, even recreational golfers can enjoy it too.

Each Taylormade golf club driver model carries different characteristics to fit every golfer. So, whether it’s the R11 or R9 club driver models, or maybe the Burner models, golfers will experience an improved performance.

Author Bio:

Rockbottomgolf is the largest selection of Taylormade golf clubs and golf equipment with the lowest prices on golf gear anywhere, they have only one aim in thier mind that is to just provide top quality of Taylormade golf clubs to golf lovers.

Essential Ways To Get Noticed Using A Good SEO Consultant

There are a lot of people that want to go the DIY route when it comes to marketing. There’s something nice about pushing this button and seeing how far you can go. However, when you work within the confines of doing things solo, you are going to succumb to a lot of issues that experts won’t. For instance, if you were to hire (Chronis Tsempelis), you wouldn’t have to stumble your way through the marketing practices that won’t help you. Every website that goes up requires a specific solution to getting ranked higher than other pages in the same niche. If you don’t focus on that properly, you could end up losing out on the bigger picture. There are some ways that you can get noticed, and it starts with SEO and ends with internet marketing as a whole.

The SEO Problem Most People Have

SEO ConsultantFirst and foremost, SEO may be a simple acronym, but it stands for something that is far harder than the average individual can work within. The main issue is that SEO stands for search engine optimization. The code and implementation of the content required to build towards ranking higher within this arena is definitely more difficult than just doing “one” thing. People assume that the crux of this is to do one thing really well, and that’s not the case. You’re going to find that you will need to juggle several elements simultaneously to get the traffic you want headed to your page. It’s not simple at all. The problem that most people have is simple, they lack the expertise to juggle it all properly.

Internet Marketing Has Upwards of 15 Elements (You’ll Need All of Them)

When you break down what, does for you, you’re going to realize that there are several steps in regards to marketing. If you were to try and do it alone, you would need to work with backlink generation, content creation, article publishing, wiki page editing, social media posting, and much more. These are just part of a fraction of the amount of things that you will need to build on to get ranked higher. Even if you were to pull all of this, you would still need to work on other aspects, limiting your time, and management skills. There’s a reason why consultants in SEO thrive, and it’s because they are experts in all of the pieces of optimization needed to get going forward.

Hiring A SEO Consultant

SEO 2The number one way that you can build a good deal of traffic to your website is simple, hire a good consultant. A consultant can give you a custom report as to where your website is ranking right now and how to get to a point where it is at the first of the listings. There’s a lot of elements involved in ranking websites, and if you are going to have a fighting chance, you will need an expet in your corner. Without them, you’ll have to navigate a large ocean of marketing collateral, none of which is easy to master on your own. That’s where, comes into play. Hiring a consultant that has a proven record in marketing is the key to your success.

There are several ways to get to where you want in terms of marketing success. However, if you want to streamline this and ensure that you are moving to the #1 spot in any regards, you’ll need to have a helping hand. Test this out and see how far your website can go in your niche. There’s no niche that is impossible to conquer, so long as you have a good consultant on your side doing the heavy lifting.

What makes custom patches great?

You’ve seen them on caps, uniforms, shirts, and probably even on bags. Odds are you know someone who even collects them. So what makes custom patches so great?

Custom patches are those little pieces of fabric with an embroidered design on the front and an attachment on the back. They come in different sizes—from two inches to seven inches in size, usually. While the first patches were shield-shaped and contained the coats of arms of whatever organization they represented, they now come in whatever shape or design the maker wants. While usually seen on the breast pockets of uniforms, custom patches can be sewn or stuck onto pretty much anything. They don’t even need to be sewn on permanently. Different kinds of backing, such as double-sided tape and Velcro, let people wear these patches pretty much the same way button pins are worn.

So what makes these patches popular? What makes them different from bumper stickers, lanyards, button pins, and other forms of identification and ways to promote awareness?

First of all, they look great. Even if custom patches are embroidered using machines, the fact that the design is sewn on makes the patch look handmade as opposed to the printed designs on button pins or stickers.

custom patchesSecond, as mentioned earlier, they are a form of identification with an organization. They can also be used to promote an advocacy. Any organization or company could use patches—they are not limited to people in law enforcement or the military. Even individuals can use them to share their love for a cause or a celebrity idol.

Another thing that makes these patches cool is that they are safer compared to button pins or brooches. They are usually larger than button pins and their attachments are not as dangerous (i.e. Kids won’t lose them, choke on them, or get pricked by them.).

Speaking of kids, when it comes to these patches, even kids can appreciate them. Kids can use them, collect them, or design them for their classmates and friends. Patches can be used as cute giveaways during birthday parties.

Kids can do pretty much what they want for their own custom patches, as long as the design will translate well into embroidered patches.

If you are a parent or a teacher who wants to make patches for kids but not necessarily have the kids involved in the process, you can try drawing a design or ask someone else to design the patches for you. Some patch-making websites offer free designing and artwork services when you order. You can introduce your kids to the hobby of patch collecting, use them as an alternative to medals, or give them to kids as presents.

Another thing that makes patches cool is that they are affordable. You can get patches for free, trade them, or make your own patches for really low prices. Various websites let you order patches. All you need to do is choose the size of the patch, the type of patch attachment and how much embroidery you want your patch to have.

You can choose to upload your own design to the website—be it a scanned drawing or a piece of digital art. If you are not the artistic type or are too busy to do the designing yourself, some websites offer to design the patch free of charge. Also, if you aren’t happy with the design done by the in-house artists, some websites let you get it revised without any additional fees. Different websites have different shipping policies, but all in all, having patches made is quick, easy and affordable.

The Lanyards and the Fun of Making Your Own

When lanyards were invented many years ago, the sailors used them to simplify their daily lives and safer. At present, people are re-discovering the fact that the cord can be used for personal safety. These cords can be bought online.

Holds Protection Items

The lanyard can hold all sorts of self-protection items. There are lots of people who prefer to use these cords to carry offensive items. These include tools like pepper sprays and tasers. Cords are likewise used to carry different defensive items. Some of which include things like horns and whistles.

LanyardsLanyards can be utilized to carry other sorts of self protection tools. Things such as emergency and survival kits can be brought on cords. The kit does not have to be heavy or bigger to be effective. A person can make a kit by utilizing a holder and putting several items on it. You may want to put in certain things, such as waterproof matches, band aids or flints inside. You can also attach a Swiss army knife on the lanyard.

Cell phones are also considered as a protection tool since you can make emergency calls using the phone. You can also use it to find a person if he wasn’t able to make a call. If in case the person is going to be in an isolated place he can use a cord to hold a GPS unit. These units most of the time get better reception in secluded areas and they can get a signal in any type of weather.

Benefits of Carrying Weapons Using Lanyards

Carrying either defensive or offensive weapons on a lanyard has a number of benefits over other strategies. The fact that the item is on a cord, makes sure that the protection item is easy to reach at all times. It likewise assures that if a person need to run away from an attack, the item will not drop or get left behind. The other major benefit is that you could use the item while you are fleeing. Also, this technique makes sure that your hands remain free.

If you do a lot of walking, dogs might approach you. To prevent them from coming close to you, you can carry an animal repellent attached to a lanyard all the time. These animal repellents are made to keep unfamiliar dogs away. They will not hurt the animal in any way.

Cords are also used to keep medicines handy. Any individual who has an allergy that requires to bring an Epipen all the time, can connect it on a cord. This is the best way to make sure that the pen is always on hand in case of emergency. Emergency medications such as inhalers can be carried in the same manner.

The Fun of Making Your Own Lanyard

Lanyards are both fun and functional. The cords are perfect for wearing an ID card at school and in the office or for providing the best place to keep your personal protection tool. But, they are also an art and a craft. Making a lanyard is a craft that most people learned during summer camps. These cords were usually fabricated using gimp. Gimp is the right term for the colorful strands of plastic cords that campers usually use. With these cords, children can produce different forms and shapes.

Different shapes and forms are created in various ways. The child can make different knots. He can likewise learn how to use different types of cords. The most popular technique uses two cords, but it’s always possible to add more. Simply put, these cords have the power to drive one’s creativity.

Wholesale Lanyards offers an amazing range of top-quality custom lanyards in a variety of materials, printing styles and prices.

6 Better Ways to Start Your Search for the Best Keynote Speaker

Still searching for the best keynote speaker for your event? Sit down for a minute and go over this list. It’ll make your work easier.

1.Look for authorities in your field.

The common dilemma of event organizers is whether to go for expertise or for popularity. Many industry leaders and credible experts are not really popular enough to boost attendance. However, many popular celebrities and authors aren’t backed by solid credentials to make them credible to take the stage.

Keynote speakerWhere there is valuable information, the audience are bound to follow. That’s everything you have to consider, so you just have to focus on selecting from a roster of authorities in your field. After all, a good marketing campaign can compensate for the speaker’s lack of popularity.

2.Engage with a speakers bureau to have your needs discussed.

A speakers bureau is a group of experienced public speakers with different areas of specialization. They specifically cater to organizations in need of a keynote speaker. They have a readily available pool of talents, which makes finding the right speaker for your event easier. Oftentimes, they also have entertainers like standup comedians, emcees, and facilitators. The group can give you suggestions based on their experience and the preferences of their past clients.

Schedule a meeting with them and discuss their roster of talents. You can pick a tip or two even if you don’t end up booking one of them.

3.Pick the keynote speaker that best resonates with your audience’s demographics.

Admit it, different demographics also suggest different preferences. An audience mainly composed of African-Americans also highly prefer African-American speakers. The same is true for Asians, Latinos, and Caucasians. This may sound racist, but it is a reality that most event organizers have to deal with regularly. Some people just take it too personally and invest a lot of emotions when listening to a speaker.

Still, many people don’t really look at other factors aside from the speaker’s credentials, but you also have to uphold a certain level of sensitivity when deciding on the keynote speaker to hire.

4.Ask your colleagues in the industry to recommend some speakers and get possible references.

Why scout on your own if you can have credible referrals from colleagues in the industry. They surely have experience in organizing events and hiring keynote speakers, and you may pick up some valuable lessons from that.

What’s good about asking for referrals is that you get to collect the best names you can ever find. You save time and energy without really compromising the quality of service you get. Asking for referrals is also a healthy practice among businesses as it keeps the connection alive, making sure that your network continues to work in your favor.

5.Look back to your past events to pick the “good” and avoid the “bad.”

Learn from your mistakes and remember from your successes. Consider past speakers who have worked for your organization, as well as other candidates that may have been busy before but are already available now. Also make sure that you avoid the things that caused some delays and problems in your past events so that you can move forward with a better plan at the present.

6.Involve the participants in determining what they need.

The participants in the event—the ones who are actually the receiver of the speaker’s speech—know what they need better than anybody else, regardless of any evaluation process done or evaluation tool used. Hence, learn how to heed their side to determine their preferences and opinions. Sometimes, they don’t really need a famous keynote speaker, only one who really knows what he is saying and can explain things in a straightforward manner minus the flair.

Take the Design of Your Custom Challenge Coins to the Next Level

custom challenge coinsDesigning custom challenge coins is not the easiest task to do. There are numerous things you need to consider including shape, size, color, edging, thickness, uniqueness, and overall artistic details. To be a coin designer does not require you to go to a certain school, but you somehow need an eye for art. If you are tasked to design your organization’s challenge coin, this article is for you.


The first thing to do for your design is to come up with a theme – something that represents your challenge coin. Once you have a theme, you could create the coin around this. Color is an important feature, so you have to pick the appropriate metal to match the colors and theme. You could try out various combinations until you find something that you like. Keep in mind that you need prior approval to use some themes such as artwork and licensed logos.


Another aspect of your design is whether the coin is round or an odd-shaped one. Custom challenge coins with odd shapes are likely to be more valuable and most sought by collectors. It is important that the details of your theme match the shape of the coin. If not, then the coin will be awkward. Instead of using the same shape that everyone uses, try to use a different one.


The edge of the coin can be plain or flat diamond cut, which is like a scalloped edge. Other edging options include money edge, jagged ridge, twisted diamond cut, and double twisted diamond cut. All edging techniques add style to the custom challenge coins, but it is not applicable for every coin.


In some cases, the 3D option is used to make the images on the coin lift from the surface, making it almost a sculpture. 3D technique is a little more expensive, but the outcome is all worth it. It often transforms a coin from being ordinary into something that’s truly valuable. You will be pleased with 3D, so make sure you have this available in your options. For instance, if you are making an eagle, 2D can make it seem like a pencil sketch with a little detail. If you use 3D, you could get the details in the shading, feather, etc. and you could feel every detail.


Finally, remember that uniqueness and artistic detail go hand in hand. Make sure that your custom challenge coins are not just valued, but also admired. You will not feel good if you endure all the challenges in designing and not reap rewards. You need to cover proper dimensions, theme matching, shape matching, and color matching.

If you handle these aspects correctly, you’ll surely manage to come up with excellent aesthetics. Also, do keep in mind that every design has some sort of a trademark. For example, you can improve the design of your challenge coin by making it spin or move in any way. You could also put a secret code or anything unusual that you will not see in other coins.

Considering all these, the most important thing is still being patient during the design process. Sometimes, you will not get the design you really want for your custom challenge coins on your first try, or you might even need to start from scratch.

You will come up with a design when your imagination is at its peak. Do not make the mistake of seeing the outcome of an awful, rushed design process only after the coins have been minted. Most importantly, make sure you ask for the opinion of others regarding your design.

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Challenge Coins 4 Less is your one-stop source for great custom challenge coins of all kinds. We are dedicated to top quality products, great pricing and giving our customers the best customer service they can get anywhere.

Why You Need Badge Holders

Badge Holders are not only restricted to office purposes. Laces often come in various widths, surface types, and materials, allowing producers to develop designs that are stylish and sometimes, truly made to order.

Here are the top six things that people fasten to their lanyards:

1. Badge holders are frequently used as ID and card holders. Businesses, schools and establishments get custom-made fabric lanyards with a logo imprinted. They are also used to hold entry cards for business visitors.

2. During the olden times, the typical purpose of lanyards or badge holders is to carry whistles and pistols for sports. People clip their whistles to lanyards to avoid placing them on filthy surfaces. Up to now, one can still observe sport instructors and team front-runners wearing these cords on their necks.

3. A lot of people like the idea of hanging their phones around their necks. The connector at the end of the lace has a removable cord that can be attached to cord outlet of phones. Since it is positioned in front of the owner, it offers better security than being placed in bags or pockets. It is also suitable it if the phone is recurrently used. Most holders can also be custom made to go with phone covers and skins.

4. According to a study, at least 1.6 million citizens in America lose their car keys annually. Car or house keys are among the most significant valuables that often get misplaced. Since they’re small and don’t have some sort of alarm method when lost, keys are best fastened together with ID lanyards.

5. Today, USB and flash drive data carriers come in sleek and miniscule forms. Some USB models have a capacity of 1 TB, but looks just about the dimension of a thumb. These items often carry essential digital files so they have to be secured. To protect your files, you should attach them together with a badge holder. You can easily sling them on hooks so you can locate them easily the next time you’ll use it.

6. Badge holders can also work as a waterproof protective case to cards like IDs and other valuable items. Some cases differ in style and design, from retractable, waterproof, plastic, metal and even extra large badge holders.

custom lanyardsWith these numerous items that a badge holder or lanyard can clutch together, it’s easy to see why more and more individuals are buying such functional accessories. They also don’t cost that much, even the high quality types. You can generate from scratch and have your own badge holder design come to life through modern technology like laser, heat press, embossed print, and dye sublimation. The print would be entrenched into the material so it won’t fade easily. You can also choose a less expensive option, which is the tubular type made with silk screen technique. This is ideal for basic type lettering and fonts. There are also a lot of contemporary designs for badge holder laces that cater to the latest fashion trends.

Whether you want to begin a business on badge and ID holders, or you have to order for a group or event, a lot of online companies will surely give the best quality products at wholesale price. They have a wide variety of badge holder clips, types, and materials that would suit your needs whether you want an inexpensive material, high end printing procedure, or durable type of cord. Providing various add-ons and reels should also be easy for these companies. They can create breakaway, retractable, quick release, adjusters and all kinds of hook to attach at the end of your badge holder.

PCB Assembly: A PCB Designer’s Guide on Choosing the Right EMS Partner

Creating a reliable design for a printed circuit board is actually just the first step. The next thing that PCB designers would have to do is to look for a reliable EMS provider with whom they can partner with for the actual pcb assembly process. EMS stands for Electronics Manufacturing Service. The EMS provider is responsible for overseeing the technical aspects of the PCB production process.

PCB designers need to make sure that they select a trustworthy EMSprovider because making the wrong choice could have a lot of negative repercussions. One of the biggest consequences of choosing the wrong EMS provider is losing the customer’s trust. This is especially true in cases the EMS provider gave the PCB designer a fully-functional PCB for testing and inspection.
Once the designer is satisfied that the tested PCB meets all of the design specifications, he would send it back to the EMS provider for mass pcb assembly. This is often the part where the ‘magic’ happens: an EMS provider could mass-produce low-quality PCBs that do not meet any of the original specifications. Unreliable EMS providers do this with the goal of making tons of money out of the fraudulent transaction. Once the defective PCBs are forwarded to the client, the PCB designer would hold sole responsibility for it.

Going out of business or losing one’s job and credibility is something that no self-respecting PCB designer would want. This validates the importance of choosing the right EMS provider who would handle the pcb assembly with the utmost from start to finish. PCB designers can take note of the following tips for choosing a good EMS provider:

•Make sure that the prospective EMS provider has all the right tools. This would effectively ensure that the PCB production process flows smoothly. Not only that, it also means that the EMS would be able to start production of the PCBs on time. This also means that they would also be able to finish the PCBs on time.

•Verify whether the EMS has proper communication channels in place. Your responsibility as a designer does not stop once the design has been forwarded to the EMS provider. Likewise, the EMS provider cannot just take sole responsibility for the project as soon as he receives the design. There should be open and honest communication between both parties. This way, they can easily talk about any possible complications that could arise and properly formulate plans to avoid any delays in the pcb assembly. There are also a few cases wherein PCB designers require their EMS partners to send them copies of the technical specifications for each component that the EMS would be using on the PCB.

PCBPCB designers also have to decide whether they want to partner up with an EMS provider who specializes in reduced production costs or one who could promise high-quality products regardless of the cost. Most EMS providers that work on low-cost products also work well with high-volume orders. However, the tools of their trade are often only equipped for making standard PCBs that already have pre-existing designs. These providers are great for PCB designers who are creating new and better versions of pre-existing electronic devices. These devices include smartphones, tablets, personal computers, and so on.

On the other hand, the EMS provider that focuses on quality over quantity often has pcb assembly tools that provide no room for errors. This is because the end-products are often used on medical equipment wherein any error could have irreversible consequences or even death. Some examples are pacemakers, heart monitors, and so on. In this case, the EMS is often referred to as a partner instead of just a provider. This is because he would often have to work closely with the designer in order to eliminate all aspects of the design that could eventually lead to a factory defect on the PCB.

Rubber Wristbands: What Makes Them Great Watch Straps?

Watches and rubber wristbands have been around for years. They are very common too. While there are many who are fond of leather or metal types of straps, rubber straps are very popular among teens, kids, especially sporty people.

Rubber-WristbandsRubber straps on watches have been around longer than the wristbands used today as bracelets. They were first used as straps for dive watches and were called tropic straps during the 1960s. These are very brittle and stiff. However, it was more practical to choose rubber wristbands for straps. They were cheap and easy to find compared to leather. They were also easy to replace.

Rubber straps are also very comfortable to wear. They are also resistant to water and sweat which made them a popular choice for sports watches. Today, rubber watch straps are ideal for all types of watches. Those made of high quality plastic are even more expensive.

Rubber Wristbands for Watches

Rubber became popular watch straps during the 1980s. These were mounted on rubber straps and were tacky. Today, different brands of watches manufactured their products with rubber strappings. These come in different types and for different purposes: from sports watches to dress watches. While there are many colorful rubber straps available, black is still the most popular.

Rubber straps are now trendier and brighter. They are more popular among kids and teens especially among ladies.

Rubber Materials Used in Straps

Like how most rubber wristbands use different types of rubber, rubber watch straps came available in silicone.

Rubber tends to stick to the skin. With this slight inconvenience, manufacturers used different types of rubber. Natural rubber is still used. However it is harder to customize it. Other than silicone, another type of rubber strap is polymers. To understand the materials used in rubber watch straps, here’s a brief explanation about them.

  • Rubber is a yellowish, elastic material from a milky sap or from tropical plant latex. The most common source of rubber is the rubber tree. These are vulcanized, pigmented, and modified into rubber products. Examples of these are elastic bands, belts, tires, and containers. The rubber used for rubber watch straps are caoutchouc, an Indian rubber.
  • Silicone is a rubber-like material containing silicon, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. It is heated and vulcanized to make it rubber like in form. Manufacturers work on its shape and treat it to prolong it with a post-cure.
  • PVC is a thermostatic polymer. It consists of vinyl and is the third most widely produced type of plastic.
  • Polyurethane is a polymer with organic units joined together by urethane. These are formed through step growth polymerization. In this process, a monomer that contains isocyanate reacts with another monomer with hydroxyl. These should be in a presence of a catalyst.

Using Rubber Watch Straps

Using rubber straps brings both an advantage and disadvantage to its users.

First, rubber-watch straps are suitable for water activities since these repel water. Second, it is also perfect for places with hot and humid climate. Third, rubber is also durable and will not stain. It is also long lasting especially with the materials used today and when properly maintained. However, compared to leather or nylon straps, rubber watch straps are not breathable.

Watch straps continue to be the cheapest yet most indispensable part of the watch. Without it, your watch is rendered useless since you can’t wear it. If you want your rubber straps to last longer, make sure to clean them and rinse them with water. Dry it with soft cloth afterwards.

Rubber wristbands are not limited to bracelets. Today, with the technology used in manufacturing, these wristbands have been used more often as watch straps.